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Hot nights

Righto well job hunting continues apace. Will apply for jobs until I go down to Brisbane, as before, if nobody gives me any interest I'll stay in Brisbane.

Had a look at my PSP, looks like the MS reader on it is toast. As it happens there's a repair place on the same road that my brother lives on (mind you it is a long road), so I'll try and get it repaired while/when I get down to Brisbane.

Finally managed to get another recommendation from interimlover, Ellen Allien & Apparat, "Orchestra of Bubbles". Downloading on dial-up took about 12 hours. But its definitely worth it!

Which reminds, me I've also started reading two new books: Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" (I keep seeing mention of this book everywhere so decided to give it a try) and Neal Stephenson's "The Confusion" (2nd part in his Baroque Cycle). Richard Dawkins is surprisingly readable, I thought it would be a very dry textbook style read. Neal Stephenson uses the same writing style as in the previous book and in Cryptonomicon. Its difficult to describe.

As it turns out, I only needed to sign over my 1st born child to the Library in order to get a card. Apparently it can be used as a means of identification!


Steve P
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