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Tuesday was a pretty good day. Monday Matt came back from his weekend jaunt to Sydney with his Gatecrasher: Black CD, so I ripped that on Tuesday. I also killed Diablo before I went to bed =)

Why isn't it written somewhere that you only get 60 seconds to grab your gear before the game ends?

I lost a shitload of gear.

Today was mostly a non-event. Woke up about 8am, Played with Nova some, played around with Diablo II a bit, and mostly did sweet FA. Had lunch with my family, which was interesting. Haven't seen them for a while. They're trying to rope me into helping them with a "working bee" (ie family doing something together) next weekend. Nuh uh. I've gotta go back and see Emma for her birthday.

I've racked up $200 worth of phone calls to Emma, although I think Dad said its sweet as it is. (But obviously I have to mega cut down on calls)

I've also got a few other bills mounting up. I'm not going to get another job at a school, unless they pay me over school holidays.


Steve P
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