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Moving on

Well, after a lot of talking after my last entry (thanks for everyones emails ... I'll respond I promise) I figured I was being a bit of an ass about things. Although Dad was a total ass about the way he put it, he did have a good point. We've decided for now not to have a wedding; we'll just have a civil ceremony, and concentrate on getting a vehicle and from there a place to stay in Mackay. And getting Jess her visa.

I've cancelled the broadband (seeing as how we probably won't be here long enough to use it ... waste of money).

Other than that, everything is fine for now. We are still walking on eggshells around here, as we feel like if we say the wrong thing or do something or not do something we'll get yelled at yet again. Sometimes I wonder if men just develop a grumpiness gene after they reach about the age of 35. Seriously, how can one person spend so much time being angry/frustrated/whatever at himself or others for so long?

Some days I just feel drained from ... how do I put this? (The answer is: point form!)

  • I try so hard not to offend Dad and Gail (by getting in the way or using the car too much or using the tv when they might want to use it etc etc etc)

  • I spend 5 days (well 4 last week) a week trying to learn as much as possible and get on as best as possible with my new co-workers so this "6 week trial" becomes a "permanent job"

  • at the same time I am trying to make the best of my financial situation, which can best be described as "holding on with good prospects"

    • making sure both Jess's and my CC payments aren't overdue

    • allocating money for fuel, beer (which is apparently all I need to provide to remain with Dad and Gail ... but they still buy it anyway ?!?!) and other things

    • trying to put some away and also organise to get a loan to consolidate all this (consolidate: it sounds so scary when you apply it to the area of finances but dammit it makes sense) and give us a kick start.
      I think Dad doesn't approve that I want to get a loan to "solve our problems"; however I'm positive it's the right step. Jess and I aren't kids anymore, and as much as some people don't like the idea of borrowing money from a bank, we understand the constraints that something like that will bring and what it means and we are prepared for it.

I'm drained from constantly having to worry about all this stuff.


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Apr. 29th, 2007 08:21 am (UTC)
it happens well before the age of 35 ;)

i swear some folks that have been miserable or cranky for some time, it becomes like a permanent imprint on them
Apr. 30th, 2007 01:10 am (UTC)
Sometimes being right and being wrong overlap and neither one sounds good. I think a loan might be just the thing to jumpstart your future and get both of you in a place where you can really start to make your own plans work. J and G
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Steve P

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