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New stuff

So, good news. Had my review a couple weeks earlier, so looks like its 100% that I'm permanent. They're organising my phone, laptop and tool bag for next week. Which means a work car shouldn't be too far away. And then there's the inductions ... our work involves visiting some 10 or 15 mine sites ... which all require separate site-specific inductions, not to mention the generic induction, SGS (for BMA sites), coal board medical, and the week long induction for Xerox techs.

So, we get to move our plans forward a bit.

The big concern right now is getting Jess's application away for extension of tourist visa. The cost is no problem (only 1/10th of the cost of the Spouse visa afterwards), just making sure we get it all 100% right. With any luck we'll have that in the mail before end of next week.

Bit short of cash this week (again ...) as I had to pay for the service on Dad's car (which is fair, considering we're the only ones that have been using it).

I'll try and upload some photos this weekend, I've still got some from China and Hong Kong to upload, and I might even tag some if I get motivated enough.

Here's a random couple random photos from my collection:

Entering the Moscow metro. Or as we put it, "Descending into the bowels of Earth"

Fun and frivolity on the Trans-Mongolian (somewhere in Siberia).

Mongolian family. Al on the left and Jez holding the little fella, were on the tour as well. Thats not national dress; it's everyday wear. (The little fella is cute though!)

In a very, very crowded (standing room only) railway station in Xi'an, I spotted this. Yes, thats an acupuncture needle. He said he had a headache.

Flambeed bananas at a Teppanyaki restaurant in Wuxi. I went back there again before we left. Awesome.

Here's Jess just before she got back into her normal clothes. Thats the last dress she wore for our wedding photography, they let me take a couple shots of her before we left.


Steve P
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