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Find your reason

Well I'd best update before the month is up hey! Here's some point form goodness to keep you and me going ...

  • Finally talked to the boss. Got an interim payrise, and am getting my own car tomorrow (Friday).

  • Also talked some more with the bank ... they're swamped with applications, so will call me back when they get to mine. I'll probably end up calling them back tomorrow or Monday and seeing what happens with it. Fingers crossed.

  • Things will be interesting at work next week. Of five techs and one head tech, one is on holiday, one is out on training, one is out at the mines, and one is out at the Whitsundays. Which leaves me and the head tech to do the Mackay jobs.

  • This also means my toolbag should be coming very, very soon. And access to the Xerox service manuals. And my work mobile. I hope the work mobile turns up soon.

  • Visited Dad on the weekend and picked up his computer. It was toast, I had to format it and re-install.

  • He's offered us his car when Jess's parents are here in July. Which is cool. This is in case I don't have a car (which I really hope I do)

  • Jess received a notification that the immigration dept received her application (for extension of tourist visa) and also a receipt from our payment to the immigration dept. No word yet on the actual visa.

  • Got the broadband sorted at the new place.

  • Nearly finished Ratchet & Clank on the PSP.

  • Went out Sunday night and had a beer or two with Damian. Unfortunately, he had to pay - I'm still totally skint.

Thats all, bye!


Steve P
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