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I like steampunk stuff

Just in case you didn't realise, there is now a permanent account sale now on. Permanent accounts are far more expensive than a paid account; the difference is you never have to renew your paid account subscription. $150 USD, which means it would pay for itself after about 6 years of using your LJ account. Mine's still going strong after 6 years, though I only got a permanent acccount a couple of years ago.

It also gives you endless userpics, 10 gig of space to store photos, voice posts and whatnot (still haven't scratched the 2 gig mark with all my photos).

The sale ends this Thursday 28th June. Link above will take you there.

Later, we're off to spend our gift money on things!*

* Unfortunately this won't be a Nintendo Wii. Apparently we require other home furnishings first. I will report back on my quest to get one periodically.


Steve P
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