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Yay for steam

We're in Brisbane at my brothers place for the week. I'm home sick today, but generally feeling as though the cold/sinusitis is progressing through its stages well.

Jess and I have been to IKEA and spent a little more than we intended to (but got a nice table and chairs out of it for our bedroom at the new place). We've also been cleaning my brothers place.

I understand it won't stay clean for very long. I just refuse to live like a pig while I'm here. Mad props to Jess for cleaning the bathroom. It was disgusting.

I've also been going through all my old stuff while I've been here and generally deciding what to do with them. I still have a ton of CD's so I'll put them up on eBay unless anyone wants first pick of some of them. Expect a list sometime in the next couple of weeks.


Steve P
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