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Koalas make funny noises

And so ends a week of training. Managed to get done in Brisbane almost everything that I wanted to get done.

  • Meet up with Ali and have dinner. Jess nodded a lot and tried not to interrupt the stream-of-consciousness that happened. Jokes Ali, you rule.

  • Went shopping with Damian, who bought us an awesome chopping board and mortar-and-pestle for our future kitchen! He also got us playing the Wii.

  • Managed to visit Chris, however briefly. We played Mario strikers. It was brilliant. Whoever it was that dressed up as Princess Peach, you rule.

  • Got a 5.25 external enclosure, plus a free one from my brother (he couldn't find one part of his, so I bought one, then found the part he lost. So now I have a second).

  • Got a pile of my stuff back from Brendon, including but not limited to:

    • Bed, including some linen.

    • Filing box, shredded a huge pile of it (well Jess did the shredding)

    • Various photos, which was a big reminiscing session

    • A MAD gamers stubbie cooler, a The LAN t-shirt (hahahaha) and some other stuff. There was definitely some reminiscing!

  • Went shopping with Jess at Ikea. We bought a table and chairs, and a desk lamp. And some stainless steel mixing bowls for Jess. This is to go in our room (we have a big room).

  • Managed to download some more Studio 60.

  • Found some time to take Jess to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. She got to feed kangaroos and hold a koala. Amongst other things.

I'd just like to say it is kinda weird meeting someone who has been a part of your personal LJ for quite some time. It feels a little awkward at first. The knowledge that they lead quite a different life to you, even though you might have known each other for far longer than that, means that in a way LJ is really all that connects you as friends. I guess thats why it feels awkward. Don't misunderstand me, I prefer to make the effort in order to remain real as well as LJ friends. Its just an observation.

I want a Nintendo Wii. And a big tv to play it on.


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Jul. 8th, 2007 04:53 am (UTC)
yeah, totally agree with LJ still connecting people, but not being half way around the world is also a good start though! it may be a common communication point but i see it more of a case of that you have a friendship, which is like a physical machine. and then you have a specific instance of the friendship, which is like a VM running on that machine. It's still the same actual thing, it's just doing something in a different way to communicate with the outside world.

it was great to see you again.
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Steve P

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