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I can kill 'cause in God I trust ...

Mmmm, yet another lazy Sunday. It's nice to be able to relax a little. My work car needs to be washed after last weeks sojourn out west.

Monday out to Glenden/Newlands and back, Tuesday out to Broadlea (near Coppabella), then Broadmeadow (20 mins NW of Moranbah), Wednesday out to Clermont Mine (not yet an actual mine), then on to Blair Athol, just outside of Clermont. Thursday out to Burton Coal, a big, sprawling mine site 20 mins or so outside Glenden, then all the way back to Saraji, and then a quick stop at Dysart before heading back to Mackay.

I might see if I can use Google Maps or something to show what my week of driving entailed. There'll be links here somewhere if I'm successful.

I downloaded all of Lain and finally got around to watching it during the week at the motel in Moranbah. Loved it. Will have to watch it again when I get a chance, I feel I'll get more out of it by watching a second time.

Got a copy of GITS 2: Innocence, but it wasn't subtitled, so will keep searching.

(I think the househeld broadband connection has been shaped ... not surprising considering what we've downloaded through it in the last couple of weeks ... 2.80gb for Lain, 900mb for (non-subtitled) GITS2: Innocence, and nearly a gb for the HP audio book. I think Jess is nearly finished listening to it)

Thats about it really, last night we played poker at Jayson's place, Jess and I both lost. Neither of us are very good at poker though.

I'm off for a walk with Jess.


Steve P
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