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On the news tonight

Honestly not that much to report. We're off down to Sydney tomorrow, which is training for me. Its termed a "colour" course, because we get trained on all the most popular office colour machines.

I've just spent two days working on the same machine I'll be trained on, troubleshooting a problem (it still wasn't working properly when I finished Friday arvo). I've had the machine completely apart and together again about 20 times, so I've got a good head start for the training.

At my last training course, our trainer warned us that we should probably get our restricted electrical license at some point. We brought this up with work, and apparently we aren't required by law to have one. It just depends on the customer. 99% of Xerox machines are no longer hard-wired (just the production machines; I worked with a couple of them at the print room in the UK), so electrical safety is a matter of unplugging the machine from the wall socket.

I've spent all day going back through our combined collection of MP3's, getting rid of a bunch of duplicates and once again ensuring that it was fairly consistent. A touch of OCD. I've also re-ripped a bunch of CD's that I had previously had encoded in Ogg format. I just don't use my iRiver that much anymore, and I'm being hamstrung by my previous encoding choices. There's still a lot in our collection that is in Ogg format (like Pearl Jam's Live on Two Legs, one of my all favourite albums of all time).

I also found another live Girl Talk set, again in Seattle. Haven't listened to it yet, should be good.

Still on the subject of music, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Urthboy's latest, as well as Bumblebeez debut (I think its a debut?).

Also, speaking of favourite albums of all time, here's my top five as of right now:

  • Pearl Jam - Live on Two Legs

  • The Avalanches - Since I left you

  • Resin Dogs - Grand Theft Audio

  • Girl Talk - Night Ripper

  • Daft Punk - Discovery

Disappointingly, Discovery is the only other album there that I haven't been able to re-rip to MP3.


Steve P
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