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I furrow down my brow

Well its about time I got around to updating. I kind of had an excuse last week because I've been out on mines duty all week. I actually was planning on finding out exactly how many kilometres I've driven this week, but a rough estimate will do ... 3335 kilometres in the last week.

All sorts of stuff has happened this week, the most important being though that Paul has moved down to Melbourne. All jokes aside, we will miss him being around. Though obviously we still talk all the time on the phone and online, its difficult having your best friend move away. So now one of my best friends lives in Edinburgh, one in Melbourne, and thankfully I still have one close by. Things will be quiet.

Speaking of friends, Jess and I have just come back from our little road trip up north to Kurrimine Beach. (Near Innisfail) We were invited to attend a wedding for one of my oldest friends, Ross. Mind you I haven't seen or heard from Ross in at least 7 years. I thought there would be a few other old friends that would attend as well, but none of them were able to make. It was awkward for me because Ross and I have, as you would expect, gone our separate ways in seven plus years. It was great to catch up with Ross, but there's only so much time you can spend talking to the groom at his own wedding (monopolising his time and all that).

It was only after the wedding was over and everyone gets to sit around and chat that it really hit home how much both of us had changed. He relaxed and became himself around his (more recent?) friends. We really just had nothing in common, and I had little to add to any of the conversation. I did get his email address though, as despite having nothing in common I'd still like to remain friends.

Of course, it was especially awkward for Jess, who simply knew nobody at all. Mad props to her for suffering through it all.

I think Jess mentioned it in her LJ, but next Thursday is the big day. When she presents her application for spouse visa to the immigration department. I think we're both a little nervous, even though its nothing more than a check to make sure we have everything for our application. Just in case I haven't already said it, thanks to everyone who went to all the trouble of getting stat decs done up for us.



Steve P
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