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Oh, I forgot to mention I'm having a go at Movember. So my normal goatee/beard has been destroyed, replaced by this weird clean shaven look.


Movember, before

So, we'll see how it turns out. There was something else too, but I've forgotten. Couple of strange things I've looked up recently:

* From B3ta: Pencils At Dawn.

* Lyrics to Paul Simon's You can call me Al. Because I always wondered what the song was about.

* Moreton Bay bugs (Julie wanted to know what they were; so did I)

* VG Computing, a PC supplier in Melbourne that will get a name brand laptop and install whatever linux you like onto it. I'm interested, but then I'll get Paul's laptop off him at some point and put linux on that.

* If you're into the current Australian election campaign (which, if you listen to the mainstream media, is going to be a close call), triplej's Hack has their Election 07 blog up, with some interesting side pieces. (For the record, I am a Labor voter - have been for quite a while now)

* Finally, I just got another email from RushFaster so I'm going to finally give in to temptation and delete an item from my wishlist ... the Ogon Designs credit card wallet. Because I don't usually hold any cash in my wallet.

Have a great weekend all!


Steve P
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