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Power to the zombie nation

I feel like every time I have to drive a reasonably long distance by myself, my mind is fighting my body every kilometre, every minute and every litre of fuel along the way.

My body wants to sleep. Especially when I've gotten up early. My mind is focussed on staying awake, and getting my destination within a reasonable time frame and without having an accident. I often have to pull over and take a rest, be it walking around getting some air or actually napping. (I had an accident a long time ago after I fell asleep at the wheel; rest assured I have no wish to repeat the experience)

What works for me: I have an old style water bottle, which is difficult to drink easily from. The complex action of picking up the bottle, unscrewing the lid, and timing a drink between potholes usually serves to keep my body from automatically going to sleep. I often go through a litre of water about every two hours of solitary driving.

Music is useless. Any music. Slow-paced music is worse. Strangely enough, I find podcasts and talkback far more stimulating and effective in keeping me awake.

Stages: Slight drowsy feeling, heavy eyelids, squinting hard even while wearing sunglasses, micro-sleeps, longer micro-sleeps. Stage 3 for too long and I pull over.

In other news, I got frustrated with not knowing where any of the copiers were on Hamilton Island. So I got an allotment map (or whatever its called, its very detailed), scanned it in at high res, then used Scribus to do some basic stuff to it. The important bit was using Scribus and forcing myself to learn a few basics. It seems to be a very powerful DTP program.

Thats all, night.


Steve P
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