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please can you make some bootiful babees

(Man where would I be without del.icio.us?)

Where do I start? How about at Friday night - we got the Wii. Its awesome, I haven't started delving in heavily yet, but so far its ... just awesome. Ok.

Saturday we both decided to go to a family session at kung fu. It was my first session, but it was a lot of fun and being male, I overdid it. Totally overexhausted myself. I'll still go back Tuesday night. Turns out the instructor tends to work everyone harder at the family session to work the kids to sleep. Funny that.

Work is ok, I got to run up a tarzan today. Its like a mid-level copier/printer - in this area mostly used by copy/print shops as the core of their business. I'd love to do some work on the really big machines ... maybe in a year or two. I'll see how I go.

Oh hey its nearly Christmas (well its Thanksgiving soon in the US ... which means Black Friday ... which means shopping for ...). This year we'll be continuing with our tradition of trying to scam everyone we know into swapping a Christmas card for a cool present. Wishlist here. One of these certainly wouldn't go astray. If you have the money to spare.*

I was going to suggest if someone had some Booka Shade or M.I.A.'s latest, to pass it on ... but too late for that. Maybe some Trentemoller? If you've got Burial's self-titled, that'd be neater still.

* Hint: We know nobody has the money to spare. Its a joke, don't buy me anything.

2 weeks on ...

Yeah! Two weeks in baby! Boony never looked this good!


Steve P
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