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The in between is mine

I haven't updated in a couple weeks. Every time I go to update, I either haven't enough time to write down exactly what I wanted, didn't have anything I wanted in there, or just plain old didn't feel like putting anything down.


Earlier in the week I realised that the whole environmental movement has finally made an impact. Not just on me, but that is also significant too. The biggest change I've noticed, is now whenever I purchase something, there's always a niggling thought in the back of my mind.

"Where did this item come from? Where will it go? In 6 months/1 year/2 years/5 years will it still be in a landfill somewhere? Is there unnecessary packaging?" etc etc. I ask myself these questions constantly now.

When you affect people in their day-to-day habits, you've made a huge impact.


The rest is whats been going on personally with me the last couple of weeks. List form shall suffice.

  • Continuing with kung fu. Its cool. Also doing boxercise classes, an hour of intense cardio. Very good for my fitness level.

  • Work has wound down for Christmas, basically its skeleton staff until after New Years. Being the new guy means ... I work over Christmas. But still get all the major holidays off (yay!).

  • My boss asked me to look after his house while he's on holidays (6 weeks). So we're staying there for a while. Lots of nice big screens to watch tv/pay tv/play wii on. Not that I watch much tv, but its still good for the movies.

  • Christmas shopping. I tried to get some done at 3pm on a Sat afternoon (when it is all winding down for the day) and I got fed up with traffic and people in general in about 10 minutes flat. Note to self: getting old fast.

  • Invitations are being done up for the wedding next year. I've told Jess I want to get them done and in the mail by January. So not long now.

  • Christmas day itinerary looks like: 7am church with Grandma, 9:30am brekky at Dad's, lunch at Aunt's place.

  • Finally started paying to get Paul's laptop off him. Which means all sorts of exciting things. My very first laptop!

There's plenty of stuff recently that I could link to, but I just couldn't be bothered just now.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Oh and don't give in to the temptation of setting "New Years Resolutions" ... I'll see you all on the flip-side!


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Dec. 22nd, 2007 12:39 pm (UTC)
Merry Christmas, glad everything is going great with you. Except for the whole working through the holidays bit.
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Steve P

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