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Hi ho

  • Not that I really stopped working at all over the Christmas break, but everyone else is back back at work now. The jobs are pouring in, and we are down one tech, so its time to catch up.

  • We've also finished our house sitting at the bosses place. Feels a little weird coming back.

  • Exciting news: Kevin (our landlord) just got a black labrador puppy! Jess is excited of course. The little thing is already getting Bumpy excited (the very old blue heeler of Kevin's).

  • Had an interesting week last week: four different islands, one of them Hayman (a 5-star resort). Went over on the Sun Goddess, its all couches on the inside. On the down side: had to walk everywhere.

  • Okay, time to go to work, seeya.


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Jan. 18th, 2008 03:55 am (UTC)
puppeeeeeeee! puppy puppy puppy!!!
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Steve P

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