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Nothing, nothing at all.

First of all:

A really great TED talk up here.

I've been out west for the last two weeks. Usually this means Tues through Thurs, but this time its actually been nearly two solid weeks. A lot happened; Dad and his partner went to Adelaide (for WOMAdelaide), Mum came up to sort out the house, and throw out a lot of stuff. I borrowed the truck from work, it helped a lot.

There's not really that much to report. There's no major projects that I'm working on (is my geekiness leaving me?) other than myself; as usual attempting to eat healthier and exercise more.

I've been playing a heap of GH3 lately, trying to finish it on difficult. In retrospect, it would probably have been easier to start on Hard and from there play Medium and Easy. You really get lazy on Easy/Medium, not moving your fingers.

I did get some skins from decalgirl.com for my Wii and the guitar.

Its just one of those Sundays where I just feel like bludging around doing nothing all day.


Steve P
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