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You know, I've been playing video games since I was a wee young fella. I can barely remember playing games on the C64 my olds bought for us.

It has never really clicked how much a part of my life they have been (not even when I failed an entire year of uni while playing QuakeWorld). It is just something that is a part of me. I'm not a talented gamer by any standard - I'm having a lot of trouble getting through some of the songs on Hard in GH3 (getting the timing right in Barracuda has driven Jess up the wall) - but I make up for it passion.

I have said this to quite a few people over the years, I feel like I'm one of the few people I know that can happily sit and watch someone else play a game all day.

That said recently it has come to my attention that my, er, attention span seems to have been divided. What I'm trying to say is, I tried to count up the number of items of entertainment I regularly try to keep up with and the amount is staggering.

  • Video games: Zelda (DS), Super Mario (Wii), Warioware (Wii), GH3 (Wii) and although I haven't played it in a while, Prince of Persia on the PSP. At some point I'd like to get a bigger memory card and play Logan's Shadow on the PSP as well. These are all games that I am slowly going through and completing slowly. When we get back in July, I'd like to try and save up and get a PS3 next.

  • TV Shows: Well, not that many as when I had 12mb unlimited wireless broadband for free. Now ABC provides quite a lot. Spicks & Specks, The New Inventors, Catalyst, and Underbelly is interesting. Also Top Gear when I can, sport (cricket, footy), Mythbusters and I was quite upset to constantly forget to watch the Inspector Rebus series on ABC earlier this year. And lets not forget Kitchen Nightmares ... If only I had a decent PVR set up!

  • News & Current Affairs: Sydney Morning Herald twice daily, as well as Digg, the local rag once or twice a week, and the weekly Brisbane love up that is the Sunday Mail. Oh wait, and Ch. 7 local news, ABC News, 7:30 report ...

  • Fictional reading: Well, Jess did just get me a Neal Stephenson book from the library. And a Sean Williams one. I'm still waiting for my chance to get the 3rd book in the Baroque cycle, by Neal Stephenson. And re-read Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton.

I'm sure there's more (movies??), but really I think you get the picture. There's a lot to keep track of - and thats something that amazes me. I manage to keep track of all these things, and keep all these little things going. Some people might say that we (the Gen X'ers and Y'ers) have an abysmally short attention span.

Sure, to some extent, we do. The great thing is, I know the majority of this stuff just isn't that important. It is extraneous, and if something comes up that requires me to drop a few of these pursuits - so be it. Multi-tasking just comes easily to me, and I have a feeling thats how it is for a lot of other people too.

There's no really good way to end this, so goodnight. Happy Easter! I'll try to make it to two posts this month!


Steve P
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