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I'm so over Hayman Island

Our new flatmate admitted himself to hospital last week with a bad infection in his foot. I'd post a picture but really, you don't want to see a badly swollen foot in an ugly shade of yellow (from the iodine) with a big red gash up the middle where they've cut most of the infected tissue out.

It is nice to see our public hospital system at work; inefficient though it may be sometimes, it does work. He was worried because he had just started a new job when he had to admit himself. I suggested he ring Centrelink and see if he could claim some benefits while he was in traction. Beating him to it though was the lady (he mouthed the words "she was f***ing hot!" to me) who came to see him and make sure that he would be able to get around fine at home, and that he would be able to support himself. She booked a social worker to come talk to him about his options for payments while he is recovering.

While I'm thinking about work (but not writing about it ... sometimes even I bore myself with my work talk), I did stumble across quite a handy little program - SharePoints. It's for Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.4, and it makes incredibly easy the process of setting up shared folders on a Mac. Suffice to say it saved my ass the other day, so I'll probably send a donation in at some point. (Our FXA copiers are able to scan to a shared folder via SMB. It seems this - Windows/SMB File Sharing - is implemented differently in nearly every revision of Mac OS X)

I was going through my collection of CD's recently (mental note: eBay those suckers ASAP) and found Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream. Wonderful.

That is all.


Steve P
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