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Quick, before the meeting starts

So getting up early has been a modest success. I got shinsplints early on so jogging has been out for the last couple of months. I had to take two weeks off recently because of work - had to be out west and it stuffs up my routine.

But now I'm back into it I'm feeling better. I've stopped using a couple of the items of workout equipment scattered around the gooseponds. The sit-up bench and body curl bench, the first because it made me lazy with its leg locks (I found my lower back getting sore and nothing happening with my stomach). The second because I'm finding body curls slightly easier to do laying flat (they're all inclined at the gooseponds) and I feel like I get more out of it doing them flat.

I've been working my calves a lot since shinsplints slowed me down - 2x25 reps on each leg, doing single leg calf raises. I'm thinking after I get back from the US I'll probably do another couple weeks of that and then start with some small distances jogging, like a couple hundred metres or so to begin with.

I've also been gearing up to start this (stolen from interimlover). I'm pretty sure the gym two doors up from us has all the equipment necessary, I just need to convince someone to come buddy up with me. Preferably from my work, as its free for us there.

Just quickly before I go, I've also been looking at some online coursework to go through so I can learn/get some practical experience in AJAX and Ruby/RoR - reading four and constantly looking at the del.icio.us front page has been increasing my interest. I need to be more interested in it though, its not something I want to start and just let trail off (like Spanish in '05). For now I'll leave it but I'll revisit it later this year. I'm slowly building up the drive to improve myself again!


Steve P
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