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Wedding day looms

Well, its June 2nd, and that means we'll soon be flying down to Sydney. Tomorrow morning, EARLY, we'll fly out to NYC. Jess's mum has pretty much everything in hand (including managing Jess's last-minute panic attacks about a zillion things to do with the wedding).

Jess, in contrast to our last major trip, has been the organising one for this trip. For the most part I have just been very lazy about everything to do with it. But then, I haven't felt like there was much to organise. That reminds me ... still haven't booked the hotel for our stay in Toronto. I'd better get that done today.

Here's a rough itinerary for those interested:

* 03 June - Fly out from Sydney
* Same day - Arrive JFK
* 05 - 07th - Check out Ithaca/Cornell with Jess
* 08 - 09th - Travel to Jess's hometown and pickup Paul
* 10 - 12th - Travel to Toronto w/Paul & Paz to hang out
* 13th - Prep for wedding day
* 14th - Wedding day
* 15 - 16th - Take people home, Paz to Toronto
* 17 - 19th - My 30th birthday, our 1st wedding anniversary, go to Indiana to visit Jess's gran
* 20 - 22nd - Nothing planned
* 23 - 24th - Travel back to NYC w/Paul and catch flights home
* 25 - 27th - Travelling, 27th we get home.

If you'd like to send a telegram, let me know and I'll give you Paul's email address, he is our MC. If you don't know what a telegram is, its where, if you couldn't attend and would like to send along congratulations. In Australia at least, telegrams are read out as part of the reception.

Not looking forward to the marathon of travelling ahead of us. Well, the marathon of flights. The travelling I can handle. I think I've mentioned before, I'm just over flights. Next holiday is within Australia and on a train.

On a completely unrelated note, I checked around and my bottle of Highland Park Capella is now worth twice as much, which is neat. Apparently there have even been bottles auctioned off for as much as £150! I'm planning on cracking it open with Paris and Paul, and sharing it around a bit at the wedding.



Steve P
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