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I just got up and had a shower. It's very quiet this time of the morning here. Of course, Julie (Jess's Mum) is already up and bustling around in the kitchen. I left Jess to sleep in, she'll need it.

It has been great catching up with Paris and Paul in Toronto. We had a blast, seeing the CN tower, watching a baseball game (Jays vs. Mariners, Mariners won) and then watching the State of Origin game 2 in Scallywags. They were kind enough to put it up on the big screen and turn the volume way up for us homesick aussies.

The State of Origin connection is important: just over three years ago we all met in an aussie pub in Edinburgh at 11am to watch game 1, and thats where we met Paul. I had also just hooked up with Jess, and everything follows on from there.

Having Queensland win 30-0 over New South Wales just made it all the sweeter.

The flights over here to New York were brutal. I've never seen my eyes so bloodshot, but then after getting up at 5am, flying for 10 hours, running to the next flight and flying for 14 hours, I wasn't expecting fresh and ready to go. Then we had to brave New York City traffic (albeit at 11pm at night) to find our hotel, but after that its been great.

Jess and I spent a couple days wandering around Cornell, with Jess and her friends playing tour guide and showing me all her old haunts. We went for a swim in the gorge (they have two running through campus !?!) and a milkshake at the Dairy Bar (they make their own milk and cheese?!?!).

Now its time for us to get married (again). I'm off to grab the boys, we are all having breakfast at the church and a rehearsal before the real ceremony at 2pm and reception at 4:30pm.


Steve P
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