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I've got no pictures uploaded yet, I guess everyone else is being a little lazy too. Maybe I'll go upload some photos and videos for you people in a minute. I am sitting on unlimited cable here so yeah.

There were a couple of hiccups, a lot of tears and even a few of us boys choked. Jess looked stunning, the bridesmaids only slightly less so (thumbs up to Chrissie for the PJ's!!) and all us boys were smoking hot in our kilts.

Krysta, Jess's longtime friend and maid of honour, got screwed over by her work and so was unable to make it. (Chrissie was the stand in: she wore PJ's, a lovely white top with a purple sash to match)

On the way to the reception Paul realised he'd forgotten the telegrams, so we had to go back and break into Jess's house to get them (sorry Jess's Mum!).

Then when we got to the reception we'd forgotten the CD player and the wedding music ... and we couldn't get the sound system to work properly.

I'll post a couple of things later when I feel like it, like our wedding vows (guaranteed to make women weepy) and Paz's epic Poem About Steve & Jess.

After a while we got everything worked out. We had a wee ceilidh and got everyone involved. We all got to have a dance and Jess and I danced to Down Under by Men at Work. Paul was hilarious, the speeches were fantastic (wuv ... twue wuv ...).

The end of the night was capped off with the best view of the Firemans' Fair Fireworks display, held in the park next to us (but separated from us by a row of trees).

Sorry, I'll have to point that out again. Our wedding ended with fireworks!

More to come, thanks to all for their messages.


Steve P
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