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Well, there's so much that happened in the past month, and I don't want to make this entry longer than it needs to be. So point form it is.

  • Got to visit my new Nana in Indianapolis. If you're reading this, hi Nana!

  • TSA sucks.

  • While there we watched Kung Fu Panda (skidoosh), Incredible Hulk and Get Smart.

  • Driving in Toronto sucks.

  • Duty-free on the US/Canada border: rules.

  • Jess turned into a real New Yorker when we drove into Manhattan. =)

  • We got to watch a live taping of Letterman in NYC. It was ok, I wouldn't do it again.

  • We also went to visit Ground Zero. Its depressing now.

  • Somewhere in there I turned 30 and we had our first wedding anniversary.

  • Flights home were even more brutal than the ones to the US. First flight left JFK at midnight; got into Seoul at 5am. Left Seoul at 8:30pm, arrived in Sydney 7am. Left Sydney at 11am, arrive Mackay 2pm. Total sleep for Steve for the week: about 10 hours.

  • Asiana Airlines club lounge in Incheon International is awesome.

  • Have been madly unpacking and cleaning up and stuff now that we are home. We are both back at work on Monday!

Jess bought a bike yesterday so she can ride to work. We are organising to move out ASAP as we have outgrown the room we live in. And we are sick of living with other people.

I think thats about it.


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Jul. 6th, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC)
Hi, Nana
Hi, Steve...it was a great visit getting acquainted with a new grandson....I repeat my parting comment: Jessie married well!! Love, Nana
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