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More wedding stuff

We finally got our photos in the mail from Sara, our official-unofficial wedding photographer. Wasn't sure about all the raw images until I installed the dcraw plugins; gthumb picked them up and suddenly the photos took a whole lot longer to load.

With any luck I'll be able to upload them at some point. Maybe I'll go into work and steal their bandwidth. Anyway, the point of this post is Paris' poem he read out at my wedding last month. He stole the show, and so I've finally managed to dig it up and write out (sorry Paz but I corrected a few spelling mistakes).

The style is very much bush poetry. It might sound a little quaint but trust me it went down a treat.

Little Aussie Battlers (Stephen and Jess)
by Paris Herne 14/06/2008

Now normally you'd expect this speech
to be dragging on and on,
With tales of foolery, jokes bit shrewry,
And somewhere a woolly thong.

But I can assure you, now
None takes place in here.
For this poem is about their life,
And why it's brought us here

I met this man in 95,
T'was our debut year at Uni,
We both signed up for an IT course,
I personally was a bit looney.

For four years straight we buried our heads,
In books of Pascal and C.
And this our lives about to start,
What we'll be we'll have to see.

We worked together at Mickey D's,
Flipping burgers, buns and fries.
We both thought this is it,
We're here till our demise.

I'd moved on but Stephen stayed,
To conquer and succeed.
In the blue shirt he wore,
As manager ... take heed.

10 years on, 05 we're at,
and I'd just tied the knot.
I call up Stephen "G'day mate!"
"You fancy giving Scotland a shot?"

His chat was lulled, his heart had stopped,
He had to think this through.
Days later anemail popped in,
"Yeah alright" he said ... It's true!

My wife and I opened our door,
To this man of nerves and shy.
But who'd believe what he'd become
As soon he learnt to fly.

Not long after his maiden flight,
Cupids arrow would strike.
These two young hearts whisked together,
It was love ... at first sight.

Their love blossomed and flowers bloomed,
For what beneath lay strong.
No matter what some visa says,
Did not keep 'em apart for long.

They both worked hard and saved their cash
For a trip of unbelievable lengths,
Across the mighty Trans Siberia,
It definitely worked their strengths!

Against all odds you little ripper,
You found a bonza deal.
A quiet place in Krakow,
For what he did then was kneel.

He took her hand and kept it warm,
Her heart began to flutter.
Four words he spoke true and slow,
He began to melt like butter.

And at the moment I can assure,
Her answer poised and ready,
The simple words she politely said,
"Thought you'd never ask already!"

And that was that from this day on,
Their two big hearts were one.
Dedicated to each other,
The fun had just begun.

They travelled across open lands,
Of culture, colour and sea,
had their wedding photo's taken
By a chinamen, you see.

Their next stop seemed a bit familiar,
He'd seen this place before.
By crikey it was his home
Mackay and its blue water shore.

Now off the bat things got tough,
But Steve got even tougher,
His sheer resilience and clever head
Drew in a nice wee money buffer.

I'm damn proud of you mate,
Geez you've done all bloody right.
Together your future ahead of you,
looks plentiful and bright.

Now I'd like you all please join me now,
To celebrate these two.
Fill your glasses to the top,
Be it barley grape or brew.

With me now we'll all shout out,
A big and loud hooray!
For these two my best of friends,
Come on lets not delay ...



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Jul. 27th, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
What about your MC was he any good ? i hear he was very funny :P
Jul. 28th, 2008 12:33 pm (UTC)
Well, he was running the show. So after Paris stole it, he went back to running it ;). He had some great jokes. But writing out a joke is even less appealing than writing out a poem. They're much better heard live =)
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