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Black magic

Have been researching VoIP stuff as we'd like to just get naked DSL at our new place.

Getting a VoIP account using a local operator - no problem. Will get an ATA soon (allows you to turn a normal phone into a VoIP phone).

Allowing incoming free IP calls - different story altogether ...

The steps outlined here goes through it, but it was difficult to understand without doing a bit of research on it.

- sipbroker.com translates your SIP URI to a number. So someone trying to dial your IP won't have to try and enter alphabetical characters into a phone. You call sipbroker.com's access numbers - they have plenty - and enter an account number to be transferred through to their SIP.

- e164.org goes a step further, and is kind of like an address book for your phone number. sipbroker.com performs lookups on e164.org so you can provide provide an alias for a home phone (I think)

- voxalot.com, pbxes.com, and mysipswitch.com all do call management of VoIP, and can route calls so they cost the least amount of money. Which is neat, but I won't need.

I would imagine there shouldn't be any problem with Jess's parents using a local sipbroker.com PSTN access number - there's one for Buffalo.

Getting my head around all these services has been a steep learning curve.


Steve P
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