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Was going through my email account and getting rid of old accounts on websites I'd signed up to years ago. (These days I just use Mint Email which is the successor to 2prong.

Kept one though; it turns out my old Steam account still works. Its installing HL2 now. I'm not interested in playing it, I just want to see if its still authenticated. I lost the CD's back after I finished it the first time - back in November 2004.

It has only been a few weeks since I last booted into Windows on this laptop, but I've already found solutions under Linux for the majority of programs I used to boot into it for.

- DVD Decrypter/DVDFab - Works just fine under Wine
- Nokia Phone software/updater - VirtualBox VM
- TomTom update software - VirtualBox VM
- And now Steam, which works unbelievably well under Wine.

I'm looking forward now to actually getting rid of Windows entirely in order to free up the 7.5gb of space it currently takes up (this was a problem: HL2 takes up 3gb).

The only thing I'm waiting for now is for LinuxMint/Shane to release the new version of LinuxMint Fluxbox CE. The repo's for LinuxMint are more comprehensive than the PCLinuxOS ones (which I currently use: PCFluxboxOS or TinyFlux). The only upside to TinyFlux is the ISP our house uses hosts a mirror of the repository, so updating and downloading software is "free".

Even Jess has been shyly asking me questions about it lately (as she has been using it of the mornings; I use it out in the dining room at night while she is sleeping). I think its because her laptop is causing her all sorts of grief - general slowness, DVD's not playing correctly in VLC or WMP, etc etc.

Two weeks to go until we move in. I've decided we'll dump our old ISP - Comcen, and go with a new one - I think Internode had a decent plan (25gb for $55? I'll find it again). We'll get a basic home phone through Telstra (can't get it through Optus and don't want to pay more than $20). Obviously I'll have the VoIP account with Pennytel - allows us to call landlines in Australia for 8c, anywhere in the US for 8c, and landlines in the UK for 8c. Will be getting the ATA device later this week.

Thats all for now.


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Aug. 13th, 2008 04:24 pm (UTC)
'shyly asking'? shy, my arse, I just don't like being proved wrong! my poor old computer...
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Steve P

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