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Finally - and with that term I mean to convey the several days I've spent on this - I got my wireless card to work under linuxmint (Elyssa R1).

In the end it wasn't pretty. It took me a little while to find this, which (so far) seems to be the most thorough guide for Ubuntu/derivatives in setting up the Broadcom wireless driver.

(Incidentally, the download mentioned there is still an old version. I found a newer version - 09/2007 - on HP's site somewhere.)

After that, I could see our router but not obtain an IP via DHCP. I've tried various things over the last few days, but finally found a solution. Connect to it first with wpa_supplicant in daemon mode; then run dhclient. This works surprisingly well. How I'll get it connect on bootup is another question entirely, I'll figure something out.

This is only one of a few nagging problems lately that I've managed to sort through.

  • New modem router could only connect at sub-dialup speeds. Solution: QoS defaults were too restrictive (and maybe QoS settings were a bit sticky?)

  • Getting the old internet account with Comcen cancelled. They agreed to cancel it without charging me a termination fee, which is nice.

  • Finding a distro of linux that suits me well. It turns out migrating from LinuxMint Fluxbox CE to LinuxMint Elyssa R1 should have been done a long time ago ...

    • Originally I was using PCFluxboxOS. Its nice, and works reasonably well for most things ... but just isn't updated very often. Not a lot of support for it, either.

    • After getting too annoyed at that, tried Debian Lenny (testing) first. Iceweasel/Firefox 3 had broken dependancies and couldn't install. Next ...

    • So I thought I would try Debian Etch (stable) .... sigh. Simply didn't even support Firefox 3. In order to use FF3, I'd have to download and compile the latest GTK+ libraries. Why bother?

    • Finally I had a go at Elyssa R1. Everything works really well ... except for wireless. Had to really pare down the list of installed packages.

  • Next one I am looking it is my voip account. Tried to call Paul this evening and the phone calls dropped out after 30 seconds. Looked it up on WP forums and there's a couple of good suggestions there.

So, today I finally managed to get our couch. Oh, and we're all moved in, and we're 100% finished with the last people we lived with. It has been a pleasure having a whole house/unit to ourselves.

Um, thats about it. Seeya.


Steve P
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