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Since I posted my icq number, I've been getting some interesting messages.

First off the block was SexyMelany, from Florida. She sent me a picture, and then wanted me to take my shirt off. Sorry people, but the shirt is not coming off. She must have got the shits with my decision and stopped messaging me. (17)

Next up was Dave, the top bloke from France who had just got home from the Olympics, and wanted to thank as many Aussies as possible for the great time he'd had in Sydney. It may sound silly but what he was trying to get at was the spirit of Australia. I think so, anyway. (35)

Third was Liz, but thats okay, she's just cool.

Fourth was Luba the doctor I presume from Russia, as she speaks Russian. She started sending me ... umm ... interesting pictures of herself. You can all cement your opinions now, but frankly she was pretty easy on the eyes, and I'm not going to say no when she's sending them to me even after I outlined I had no intention of reciprocating. (29)

Woot! Damian just got up ... Diablo II time =)


Steve P
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