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The end of the year

Not much new to report. I talked to the GM and he basically said if I wanted to do some courses/learning, just to do it and invoice him.

The weekend away on the Gold Coast was pretty fun. Some of the guys from work nearly ruined it again, though I think we're all expecting them to do it no matter where we go for a work social. I was hoping they wouldn't go all out. I can't tell you how disappointing it is to open your hotel door at 4pm and see a couple of people staggering around and yelling incoherently.

Jess and I have been fervently reading and watching any news to do with the US election. I think we (along with the rest of the US) are holding our breath waiting to see what catastrophic event is going to occur at the 11th hour. It will probably be caused by the GOP/McCain camp but I guess you can only hope that everything goes to plan and the US ends up with Mr Obama as Mr President. (Yes Jess mailed her vote out yesterday)

I'm basically stuck looking after the mines until we get someone else to do it. The extra money is a bonus but I'm really getting sick of a) being away from Jess (6 days out of 7 last week) b) the driving c) "emergencies".

I'm still over drinking alcohol (last weekend I had maybe 4 or 5 drinks ... just to be social). There's a six pack in the fridge that hasn't been touched in a couple weeks. I wonder how long I can leave it there.

Evolution of attitude to drinking:
0-18: It tastes awful, I don't like being drunk
18-24: Wahey!! ALCOHOL!! YAY!! BLEARGH!
30+: It tastes awful, I don't like being drunk ... hangovers really suck.

I gotta go ... seeya.


Steve P
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