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Lazy weekend

Been a pretty slow weekend. Jess and I went out to dinner last night for a birthday treat. We were going to go visit Grandma but we had a lazy attack.

We went on a bit of a shopping spree yesterday; main things we bought was a vacuum cleaner (have been saving up for it for a while) and an emergency kit for cyclone season (lantern and radio plus batteries - will have to get some candles and a lighter). Got Jess a wetsuit for her birthday - plan to use it next weekend.

Got to talk to work about taxation ... seems a bit off. Most weeks I seem to be paying less tax than I should be (as much as $100 less) and on the odd occasion, more than I should be (up to the same amount). I'll give the ATO a call about it, see what they say. As well as talking to the pay people.

Normally I would be of the persuasion, "Yay less tax ... shh!!" but I'm getting hit with a $1500 AUD tax bill for the last financial year. So I'm a being a bit more pro-active when it comes to tax for this financial year (who wants tax bills for successive years?). HECS/HELP debts are very handy ... annoying when you have to start paying them off.


Steve P
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