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Finished working out west for this week, it's so good to be home and with Jess. Should be able to get a week in Mackay next week, there are practically no jobs left out there after last week so should be all good.

I rang up the ATO and confirmed with them that I can indeed claim as a deduction on next years tax return all my expenses incurred while overnighting out west. Only problem is I have to declare the nightly allowance from work as income. I'll see if I come out on top - using Expens'd (any decent spreadsheet will do the same job though) shows I've spent around $150 in the last two to three weeks on expenses. Thats on top of the nightly allowance, which mostly gets spent in mini-bar and breakfast.

Next week I'll be getting a new laptop for Jess (a HP 6730s, same price as that but with better specs). She's been moaning for a while about dvd playback on her laptop and she won't let me "fix" it so I'm just going to order one through work. Easier through work as I can put it on my account and pay it off interest free.

Went to the dam last Sunday, my skin is still recovering (despite slathering plenty of sunscreen regularly) and so is my wallet - I did some stupid stuff on the jetski with Jess and she lost her prescription sunnies. We went in Monday and she ordered a new pair and I paid for them.

I find it interesting that so much of this post is about or related to my work. It really has become a large part of my life ... but in a good way.

In other news, Dad has offered to pay any fees if I decided to finish off my B.IT at CQU. I'm also going to do some courses at TAFE and charge them up to work. First will be the Restricted Electrical License.

Oh and in case you missed it, Obama won.


Steve P
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