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Happy, but tired.

Q cracks me up. I found it extraordinarily amusing that he added himself as a friend (although I see the use of such).

Bad, bad luck today. I took off my lucky bit of hematite that I've been wearing up until last week (when the strap broke; I got it replaced on Saturday). I feel its giving me bad luck. Why? Well, first up at about 3am this morning my 61Gb Maxtor started making a clicking noise; this froze windows (no blue screen; just froze). Whatever happened to it, it appears to be terminal. I'll be cashing in on the warranty *real* soon.

Then I fell down three steps while putting the gate up (its to stop Nova from getting upstairs). My toe hurts, but I'm alright. Emma also had a nightmare about us last night; so I think I might have done something good by taking the hematite off. Today I cleaned up my workstation, and reinstalled Windows NT finally. Without the 61Gb, space is once again at a premium. (It also means no linux) IE is being a pain in the soft and fleshy; it freezes everytime I go to use a form.


Steve P
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