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Here's the rub

Up a bit late again. The "deadbolt" on our front door was bothering me again. For the longest time I've had so much difficulty getting the bolt to fully extend. Instead, it seems to jam about halfway out. I've nearly broken the key off in it trying.

So, I disassembled it and determined the fault. The tumblers (I think that is the correct term) freewheel once it is activated with the correct key. Force is provided by forcing the opposing tumbler (on the opposite side of the door) to spin, which spins a three part lever action assembly, forcing the bolt out.

The problem lies in the second part of the lever action. The connecting "eye" has too much leeway, allowing the bar that would normally push the ram out (the ram then pushes the bolt out) to rise up vertically and "lock" into place.

I'll get some heatshrink tomorrow and see if I can enlarge the pin.

I realise this may be difficult to envisage, maybe a drawing will help. Later though, Jess has just got up and thrown cross looks at me.


Steve P
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