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January 26th, 2009


In the matter of having an open vs closed vs semi-closed journal: I'm glad I've stuck with having an open journal. I have to think a little more about what I want to write. I'm always conscious about what I write about others - so I can't just bitch out about other people (which has always seemed to me to be a bad/negative habit).

I do like to post personal stuff about myself. It is difficult to post openly about deeply personal stuff. But you, as the reader (which really includes myself), are the better for it as you can appreciate the sacrifice it takes to make something deeply personal, public.

Occasionally I do miss being able to just log on, mark an entry custom-friends only, and just pour my heart out to my LJ friends. I find it just as easy to IM someone or call one of my friends. It's not as cathartic I think but it still works.

I've always been fascinated by LJ's assigning of the word "friend" to those journals/communities you watch or read regularly. It is such a small gesture, but for each user it attaches a significance to each journal. These are my friends, not just some blog that I read.

I recently went through my friends list and culled out a heap of people that I haven't seen post in years. This is likely because they just stopped using it. I've never had many friends on my friends list, because I tend to associate the word 'friend' more closely to those I know in real life. It feels a little weird to have 'friends' that I've never met nor really seen.

Likewise, there are journals that I just haven't read in a long time. Instead of removing them though, I've just slowly set up a custom friends filter that I use to only read the entries I want to. (It also serves to remove some community posts and the like)

There's nothing here to tie this all together. Just some musing.


Steve P
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