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February 5th, 2009

New music

Been listening to some great 2008 albums:

  • Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

  • Empire of the Sun - Walking on the Sun

  • Birds of Tokyo - Universes

  • Perfume - Game (ripped from interimlover)

  • Booka Shade's The Sun and the Neon Light
  • and Hadouken - Music for an Accelerated Culture (I'm not sure where it came from - I found it on my work laptop - but its awesome!)

I'm also finally starting to get sick of Girl Talk (Feed the Animals, and Night Ripper), Pnau and Sneaky Sound System's debut albums (Sneaky's latest album, 2, was crap I thought).

I like the idea four had here, except being a bit of a pack rat I'll just have a big clean out once every year or so.

That might be something to report about at the end of year. Instead of the new music I listened to all year, all the old music I deleted at the start of the new year.

I must go cull the collection!



Steve P
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