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February 22nd, 2009

Final week

Yay nearly finished training. Last week was pretty cool. We went through xerographics and the fuser, plus got a day following around the SuperTech fixing production colour machines. Got to see some great machines in the field too; Nuvera 288, DocuTech 6135, and a couple of iGen3's. Only machine I haven't seen yet is the roll fed iGen3 machine, I forget the name of it. There's a couple in Melbourne somewhere, that would be cool.


Hung out with Paul all Saturday arvo (his birthday!) and Sunday. We finished Gears of War 2 and started playing Halo 3 co-op.

I've managed to get a cold. Which breaks my streak of healthiness. (Since about Oct 07 I believe) I'm into the runny nose stage.

Really looking forward to getting back to Mackay and Jess. She gets her first surgery done tomorrow, and I'm not going to be there for it :/

On the plus side, I could see myself happily living here in Melbourne. Just have to keep an eye on the water/rainfall levels over the next few years.


Steve P
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