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April 23rd, 2009

am up early

Oh, half the reason I've forgotten about LJ (apart from the several personal projects I've got running concurrently) is I signed up on twitter. I quite like the micro-blogging concept, and so LJ fell to the wayside a bit (from my usual).

On a separate topic, I realised today that when I had field days in Melbourne with the "Super Techs" (Douglas and Patrick) it really inspired me to work better, more efficiently, and in general try to be a better role model for the younger guys I work with (we have four techs all about 20 years old).

I can't begin to describe what it is like to be so passionate about something, then being able to hang out and learn all sorts of awesome stuff for three weeks with guys who are just as or even more passionate than I am. We really soaked up the information. Then on top of that, hanging out with two techs who just have their shit together.

So yeah, I guess I kinda look at those two guys as the sort of tech I aspire to become. The kids at work like to hang shit on me (they goad me with calls of, "Supertech Steve". They also wanted me to wear a cape o_O) but I hope that, and I know this sounds like a big inspirational bunch of blah, it inspires them a little bit.

That said, it has paid off today. I asked for, and got a hefty pay rise - pretty much no questions asked.

I just wish there was more awesomely geeky people to hang around with in Mackay (the usual suspects apply - Damo, Chris, Ali etc). Thats not saying anything about the non-geeky friends either. It would just be nice to be able to have someone I can trust to bounce geeky ideas off of occasionally and have them understand what I am talking about.

Righto thats me.

Note: I have noticed that most geeky blogs don't tend to crow about small, minor achievements like, for example, finding an obscure driver for a wireless card. But not having geeky people to bounce stuff off of does that. It wouldn't be important enough to blog about.


Steve P
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