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May 4th, 2009


On a whim a couple weeks ago I bought a book (this book). It finally turned up on Friday afternoon, so I managed to get some time to read it on the flight down to Sydney and back on the weekend.

It has been a while since I've read a good non-fiction book (and had enough interest to want to read it all the way through). It became obvious to me quickly that my reading style has suffered since the last time. I find my mind wanders a lot when reading fiction yet I can still understand and follow the story without too much trouble.

It just does not work the same reading non-fiction. Paul Ekman's writing isn't as dry and wordy as some authors (the author I'm thinking of is on the tip of my tongue, I'll edit this post later when I remember his name), though it still requires attention and focus. Reading it has been difficult and time-consuming, mainly because I have to snap out of whatever tangent my mind has gone on and re-read the paragraph, section or sometimes several pages I've subconsciously read while off on a tangent.

The book is a good read so far. I've resolved that I will need to use a pen and underline some sentences and sections, make notes in the margins in order to remember some of the important things learned while reading it.

In short, my brain is feeling stimulated.


Steve P
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