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May 22nd, 2009

Boring work stuff

Bah I've been getting the shits with my younger co-workers for a while now. They frustrate me because sometimes it feels like I am just following behind them cleaning up after them; cleaning up their paperwork, fixing their mistakes and finishing jobs they haven't properly completed.

I occasionally have a snipe at them about these things. It doesn't accomplish much beyond making me feel better and making them feel shit about the job they are doing. (A nasty one today was, "You guys keep doing what you're doing, because otherwise I would have nothing to do" or something close to that)

Which is obviously wrong. I do try to set a good example, but more often than not this is simply not enough. On a basic level, what I'm doing is negative and I know that by being positive, supportive and encouraging I'm more likely to see change. (Unless I turned into drill instructor - not going to happen)

So, I'm going to cease whinging about my co-workers shortcomings. If required, I'll provide direction and encouragement. I'll celebrate their wins and successes.


Steve P
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