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July 19th, 2009

Busy busy

Have been out west for the last few weeks. Will be out there for a couple more as one of our team went on holiday for three weeks.

Finally got rid of my old work phone, an LG TU550. Got a second hand Treo 750 and have jazzed up the winmo interface a bit to make it more bearable. The screen is also scratched badly so I got some screen protectors for it.

Finally got my tax done Fri night. We thought it might have been calculated wrong (and so I would have been in line for a bumper tax return) as I paid over 25% of my gross in tax. As it turns out, it was nearly spot on. I still have to pay the government about $245 in tax. Which isn't a bumper return but is still good.

Yesterday I went to a trivia afternoon organised by Thiess for charity. Our table came runner up in the main comp (free hair cut vouchers; I gave mine to Jess) and we won a secondary comp. I scored a bottle of wine and some Grand Marnier which Jess was very happy with. Apparently it is her favourite liquer? ;)

Yesterday and today my throat has been getting steadily more sore. So might be coming down with a cold. Will do my best to stave it off.



Steve P
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