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Well, today I finally got to do the registration on the DC5000, or the Malta as FXA have codenamed it (and I tend to just use the codenames all the time, its easier than trying to differentiate between, for example, the DC450 and the DCC450 ... sigh ... Nausicaa and Kutani if you must know). Registration is the process of making the image fit on a page square and line up with the image on side 2. Keywords like skew, perpendicularity, and magnification abound.

The other senior tech and I kind of decided, seeing as how the ruler we ordered to help us do registration on it isn't likely to turn up anytime soon, to just go ahead and have a stab at it.

Both of us, when we did training on this machine, were able to access a high precision ruler with graduations down to .1mm. Thats each mm separated into 10 more. It means you have to use at least a 10x loupe to be able take measurements. This is the ruler we have ordered.

So we found a loupe at work (a 25x pen-type affair) and the customer had a ruler with .5mm graduations on it (each mm separated in two). The ruler was about 2mm thick so this made things interesting. At 25x, you can focus on the marks on the ruler or the lines on the page. Not both. At .5mm graduation, at best you just have to guess where that line intersects the ruler.

The result was pretty good I thought. Magnification is still a bit out, but everything else looks good.

Last night, I thought I might see if I could google up a business that can make a ruler with .1mm graduations. No dice. I spent quite a while framing different queries and nothing turned up beyond a nice .5mm graduated ruler from Schaedler and a company that custom makes rulers. When emailed, I was told they only did .25mm graduated rulers, despite their web page stating different (up to 1/100 mm graduations, or .01mm, apparently). I'm still waiting on a reply about that discrepancy.

In any case, totally disappointed. Tonight was loupes, and they were much more popular. Cheap plastic ones go for as little as $12 or so. Found a good quality 10x for about $50, which looks good. Might even get one for myself.

Welcome to my geeky little world of high precision rulers.


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Mar. 10th, 2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
Received almost immediately after I posted this entry:
"The accuracy is of our precision rules is well beyond 0.1mm. What we can not do is put graduation lines 0.1mm apart (divide one millimeter into 10 segments). The lines would be too close together for the machine to handle. If you need to be able to read to 0.1mm, you will need a vernier in addition to the rule."

Double sigh. Well how come FXA sell them internally? I hate waiting :/
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