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Chroming up

Oh, and I am having a serious love affair with Google's Chrome web browser.

I haven't taken to humping the laptop screen yet but I may have been caught nuzzling it once or twice. I am having a lot of trouble finding faults with it.

The sound on my linux laptop died last night so I have ditched that and - almost with glee I might add - am now back to my work laptop which runs Windows and has Chrome installed.

I just updated Opera on linux to the bleeding edge version, which still has the same problems as the previous bleeding edge version (namely, occasionally flash objects cause it to hoover up cpu time and destroy the system).

In disgust I switched back to FF in linux and uninstalled everything except Adblock and locationbar2.

And then the sound died so I had a reason to go back to playing with Chrome in Windows. C'mon Google! Release Chrome for linux already! (the codeweavers port uses an old version - and its still a windows app running on linux) Give me a reason to fix my linux laptop!


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Mar. 12th, 2009 12:42 pm (UTC)
mmm been meaning to grab chrome

also pics of you humping laptop or it didn't happen

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Steve P

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