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I've been busy with quite a lot of stuff over the last few weeks.

  • Top-up training in Sydney again. Which was all sorts of awesome, we had a trainer who didn't bother with the press just explained various physics concepts to us all week.

  • Have started selling all my old CD's on eBay.

  • Been out of town a lot as well, but have also had some time working on the digital press

  • Tried to go camping on Easter. It rained all weekend and we gave up after one night.

  • Have been converting all my DVD rips to work on the mediaserver/ps3

  • This has required finding the programs that will work with mpeg2 streams (vobs etc). Here's a few:

    • You can figure out for yourself how to rip DVD's.

    • DGIndex (Windows) /tcextract (Linux, part of transcode suite), for demuxing video and audio from .vob files.

    • Cuttermaran (Windows only), the only tool I could find which will allow you to cut/trim/whatever to mpeg2 streams (say for example your demuxed m2v/ac3 stream ...)

    • Muxman (Windows) /mplex (Linux, part of mjpegtools), both of these can mux mpeg2 and various audio type streams into an mpeg2 or vob file. mplex has much finer control over video/audio offsetting, unless you have the pro version of Muxman I would imagine.

    • Honorary mentions: VirtualDubMod (Windows), which can be used to cut, trim, demux, convert etc various video/audio streams (but not mpeg2 ...); BeSweet (Windows), for converting to/from ac3 and other audio stuff.

    • Am stoked about getting ffmpeg to transcode and mux - on the fly - demuxed audio commentaries from DVD's. IE - one large vob (the movie) - demux the audio track of commentary - and get ffmpeg to stream the vob with the ac3 flagged as the main audio. Result is what you expect - on the ps3.

  • Have also been playing with some of the cool new features of mediatomb (svn) - Youtube channels, apple trailers, ffmpeg thumbnails and last.fm scrobbling. Apple Trailers works (it pulls down the info) but ffmpeg is having cries trying to transcode the stream ...

  • Managed to read through Joe Haldeman's Forever War and its two related novels (Forever Peace and Forever Free) - I love the concepts of being able to cure aggression in mankind. Food for the brain.

  • So haven't listened to much new music lately, best has been School of Seven Bells.

  • Am pretty keen on getting into some form of programming again - will look into it

  • I've also had a few days off when Jess got her right hand fixed. She was pretty much without the use of her hands for the first week or so while she healed up. She's back at work now so thats awesome!

I've been dying to get a new phone, I have had all sorts of troubles in the last week trying to get it - a HTC Touch Pro. I've given up for the time being. I've been told it is now obsolete. So I'll save up and buy the next version of it.

Bah I'm going to get out more. Camping style here we come.


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Apr. 20th, 2009 11:15 am (UTC)
ohhh man i hope you're not planning to run windows mobile on that thing :(
Apr. 20th, 2009 11:20 am (UTC)
what else can run on it? i was looking at SPB, but thats a shell.

Apr. 20th, 2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
I see lots of the Pro's being sold secondhand on OCAU if you are keen for a used one.

Bring on the camping :)

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Steve P

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