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Work, work, work and being alone.

Well, my parents have taken off to Brisbane to see my brother for a week. Kinda snuck up on me, so I wasn't prepared for the loneliness =(

Thank God I've got Nova ... I think I'd go crazy being left alone for a week.

Well, I've gotta go to bed real soon, I'll have something to eat then wait about an hour and then go to sleep, as I have to be up by 6:30 am this morning. I've got to go to some seminar or something for my job at the primary school ... boring stuff for a whole day. Then I've got to get up again at 7:30 am Tuesday morning for work at another school I work at (one day a fortnight; its kind of a remote school). Then Wednesday and Thursday I MUST get something done on my assignments, if not then I'll be finishing them too late and thats not a good thing.

-sigh- The troubled life of a uni student.


Steve P
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