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Emma's been here since Sunday. Pretty cool; Sunday night, we all got drunk and had a great time. Boydlee blew chunks, but that was mainly because he had about 15+ shots of tequila.

Monday we (Me, Emma, Ben, Matt and Kristelle) went to Mackay and went shopping. We went to Cactus Jacks for dinner, then we went and watched lots of different movies. Emma and I watched Scary Movie. Ben and Kristelle watched Urban Legends: The Final Cut, and Matt watched Battlefield Earth. Emma and I were practically in the aisles cacking ourselves the second he said " ... watchin' the game, smokin' some bud ...".

Tuesday (today) we went shopping again. I bought some cheap coke glasses from Target. We went to the Eimeo pub for lunch. Ben, Matt and Kristelle went back home to Emerald after we got back home.

The next LAN party is on this weekend, so I'll be busy Thursday right through to Sunday (and offline again from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon).

I'm seriously thinking about simply packing up and leaving for Brisbane, and trying my luck there (my brother Brendon lives there ... and I know he'd let me stay there for a bit). I'm pretty confident I could a job quickly there. Although I want to finish the job here too. I'll think about it some more.


Steve P
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