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My cat has taken to snoozing on my chest while I'm on the computer, which I guess is kind of cute. Right now though, I'm kinda tired and in a couple of hours I think I'll be going to bed.

I'm really lonely right now, I wish I could get some of my friends in Mackay to come and visit me or something (as I won't have the fuel to go and visit them) ... I could really do with the company right now. There's something - would a real friend go out of their way to keep you company? I mean, I would have no problems travelling to be with someone else, but would they do the same FOR me?

There was a girl I talked to on ICQ for a bit, her name is Alinta Jayne Warren. I enjoyed talking to her, but had no interests beyond that. For some reason I believed that the only reason she continued to talk to me was because she WAS interested in me; she arranged to come meet me at work. She did, we talked some, but then she hasn't talked to me since, nor even connected to ICQ (or if she has, under a different name and number).

I'm desperately disappointed by this, because as I've already said I really enjoyed talking to her. It seems to me right now that is what I need more than anything else - a friend, someone I can talk to, that isn't so far away that I can't meet and talk to them face to face and maybe have a drink with or whatnot. I really miss that. Three of my best friends have moved away to capital cities, and my girlfriend has moved four hours away, leaving me with one really good friend whom I don't get to see very often, but is still very dear to me.

Oh how I miss having lots of real life friends that understand me and can talk to me as equals and mates. Mates I can trust and love. Mushy stuff.

Thems the breaks.


Steve P
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