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That subject was me trying to say something. Emma got some sort of bug that gives you a slightly sore throat, and gradually takes your voice. Naturally, she gave it to me. I gave it to Adam somehow too, which I guess is cool.

LAN party stuff. Umm. Got half-pissed on vodka and redbull, which kept me up until 6am ... this one was much better, but still with some problems. I'm sure everyone there had a ball. When I woke up today I went round to Adam's to find out when I was meeting him at the warehouse. I was still in my boxers (note: I like to wear briefs, boxers and shorts. The button on my shorts busted last night, so I simply took them off and wore my boxers), and Adam threw a pair of his shorts at me and said "Wear these, otherwise people will think you/we are gay" (not sure whether he said we or you).


I was still half-asleep, so I just mumbled and put them on. You're gay if you walk around in boxer shorts for a bit? I could understand maybe in other places, where people wear boxers as underwear, but to me they are just shorts, just you don't wear them too often outside of bedtimes.

Darryl Hewitt (sp?) is cool. He's like 42 and is a freelance computer something. Not sure *exactly* what he does freelance, but it pays lots, and he's a computer geek to boot. As I said to Damian:

"Thats me in twenty years."

He donated a new 10Gb hd as lucky door prize for our LAN party. He holds his own LAN parties amongst his friends; one of them lives (not sure on that) in a campervan with a few computers. He just backs it up to Darryl's house, plugs in power, and plugs into the network. All I could say was "Wow." If he'd said "We hold wireless LAN parties" could I have been more wowed.


Steve P
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