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It makes me mad. I can't win. I just got in trouble because sometime early this morning Nova took a piss on the mat in the toilet. The reason she does this is because she follows me upstairs and then can't get back downstairs because the gate is up.

I can't simply leave the gate open and my bedroom door open so she can come and go as she pleases, because that just isn't acceptable. No, no. Can't have a cat upstairs. It'll make the place smell, and if we ever decide to sell it the smell will lower the value. I can't see that happening anytime within the next five years.

It can't be the design of the gate, nooo. What's it look like? Well, its made up of wooden slats, nailed together. Which basically means Nova can climb over it. Dad even tried to make it higher - by lengthening the slats. So its higher, but she can still climb it.

Yes, she's my responsibility. Thank you for pointing that out to me, Dad. Rah.


Steve P
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