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Assignments, girlfriends, user groups!

Okay, so its Thursday. Hajime's over my place, and he's keeping me company and stuff, which is really cool =) I think he's going to be a major help, if only because I'll start on my assignment now.

I'd just like to state again how much love I have for my girlfriend (lots and lots and lots). Cougar, I still think you're thinking about this a bit too much, but hey, if it helps you then go for it. No, you didn't offend me or anything. You know its kinda difficult to offend me.

Being Thursday, I still haven't started any of my assignments, which is a distinctly bad thing. Hopefully I'll get one started today; after all, I have until I get tired to start it. Something will happen, I assure you. (And myself)

I've also got to drop an email out to my user group, the Mackay Unix Users Group. We have a homepage, but I'm not very good at designing web pages, so it looks really crap. At the moment I'm trying really hard to keep the group coming together for regular meetings every two weeks, so we get some sort of rhythm going ... I mean, we all have tons of stuff to talk about during the meetings. So far we've only really had one meeting, but I retain hope. With any luck this next one coming up will produce something interesting.

Anyone know of a decent threaded mail reader? So far the only one I can find is Netscape's Messenger ...

I really miss my girlfriend.

Actually, I just got some spam in my mailbox ... hmm, what a record. I don't believe I've ever gotten any spam in my mailbox, ever. And I can tell you, I've had this mailbox for quite some time. I think it might be due in part to the fact I only ever give out web addresses that forward my mail to my main mailbox. Good way to be if you don't want spam. Looks like I'll have to do some spam hunting and stuff.


Steve P
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